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Petr Houdek, NOMATECH Company owner, executive director and salesman

“I was born for business. It is close to my heart, and I consider myself to be the lucky man who may declare that his job is also his hobby.”

Talking, meeting people, travelling around the world... It all sounds so simple, but managing the company like NOMATECH and selling its machines is definitely no bed of roses. I am mostly responsible for the business activities in Poland and the Baltic states, and I have to say that I absolutely love doing it. Business is close to my heart. It is very simple for me to make new contacts, so my business is always carried out on a friendly basis. That is the way it should be – the client and the businessman, always on the same wave. It is fair-play, just like in my favourite football or table tennis. And I must not forget to mention my greatest passion I am about to share with you – the cars. Ask about any model, whatsoever, and I will tell you everything about it. I know everything there is to know about cars, and I take care of every tiniest screw of my four-wheeled love.

Petr Gregor, Salesman for Russian-speaking customers and partners

“Ya ponimayu po-russki. It is my job to ensure that the NOMATECH machines work well in the Eastern regions as well.”

The unfathomable ways of man. It happened that I studied a university in Moscow and Russian became my second mother tongue. Thanks to this fact, I am now responsible for complete business services in the Eastern regions at NOMATECH. I am a kind of a “Russian contact” for our team of salesmen and for presenting our company at the Russian-speaking markets. In my job, I mostly appreciate the friendly relationships we have with colleagues and with clients. It is simply who I am. I enjoy good company, the game of whist, being with my big family, and eating good food (especially sweet, so I am glad my wife is such a good cook!).

Ing. Iva Florianová, Salesman for English-speaking markets

“Selling machines to VITANA has so far been my greatest masterpiece. I believe they will serve them well for long years to come.”

When you make business with clients, it is most important to understand their requirements well. That is the only way to ensure the customer gets what he really needs, and he does not waste his money. Sometimes, these requirements can fully be met with our standard machines, at other times, we have to manufacture a prototype or to tune the machines up to suit the needs of the customer. And that is what I like most about the job. Meeting the clients and achieving maximum level of mutual satisfaction. 

Hana Kocurová, Head of administration

“I take care that our boys have everything they need. If we work like crazy, we can rest assured that the customers will be satisfied.”

They threw me in water and I learned to swim. This is quite a good description of my early days at NOMATECH, where I started to work after a maternity leave. Those days were nice thanks to a great team, and now I feel like fish in water in the company. I have worked here for more than 10 years, and I know each screw in here. And I want my colleagues to know they can count on me in everything. I keep everything in order in the company, but sometimes I like breaking the routine at home – for example, by constant repainting of my room to suit my mood. Or by heading to a motorcycle gathering with my husband, going cycling, mushroom or blueberry picking. I like good food and I like cooking, so it’s fine for me.

František Charouz, Salesman for the Czech market

“Pleasant environment, that’s what brought me to NOMATECH. You could even say a family environment. I haven’t experienced anything like that in any other firm.”

It has been quite a few years since I started working at NOMATECH. Before, I also worked at Sellier&Bellot, the company that has been branded in our history. Wherever my working path was leading me, from the point of view of a salesman, I got the most valuable experience directly in the packaging machine manufacturing. I know all the details from the manufacturing process, which allows me to answer all the inquisitive questions of the customers. Just try me! I will know everything, even if you wake me up at midnight in my cottage by the Sázava River. There is an exception, though – when the eels run, I hide in my secret place and immerse myself in a totally different world.

Ing. Jan Chmelík, Programmer

“I am fulfilling my old dream – to design my own machine from the first screw up to the programmes that make it come alive.”

In the past, it was unthinkable that a machine could manage the work of people. Today, it is quite natural. And in the future? Who knows... I am proud that I myself can contribute to the work on raising the bar still higher. At NOMATECH, I participate in the development of machine-robots, and I always think of improving and simplifying the work of people, who will control them. Standard is not my goal. I want our machines to be ever more perfect. I want to take care that everything, from the mechanical elements all the way to the programme equipment, is more powerful than you can even imagine. I work on it every day, and when I’m not working, I relax on the boat, drive around in the jeep, or brew beer. Want some?

Jaroslav Langr, Head electrician and head of service

“No matter how perfect is the machine we design, there will always be a human to control it. And I am here to make that person’s work as easy as possible.”

For 10 years now, I have been in charge of ensuring that the NOMATECH machines have the right sort of energy. I am responsible for their electrical equipment, and moreover, I am in charge of the entire service. It is not an easy job, but I am a beekeeper and as such, I can handle even bigger turmoil. Moreover, working at NOMATECH is perfect. I get the customers’ requirements first hand, and I can immediately project them in my designs of electrical elements, or pass them on to the colleague programmers and designers. It is the aim of all of us to ensure that there is not much work for the service team... No, of course I am exaggerating. Nevertheless, as the head of service, I do mostly wish for high quality machines that are easy to operate for the customers. And we will always be here for them, in case they eventually do need the service.

Marek Bludský, Head technician and mechanic

“I have worked at NOMATECH for a very long time and remember a lot. I know the mechanics of every machine we have ever manufactured by heart.”

I am a fisherman to the core. What I love most is fishing with my daughter by the Labe River in the catch and let go style. I often get carps on the hook that weigh around 20 kilograms, but it’s nothing compared to the NOMATECH machines weighing several tons? Now those are different catches. And before our customers get them on their hooks, I provide for the perfect mechanical construction. Yes, my role at NOMATECH is to provide for complete mechanics and quality of the manufactured machines. I take care of how to shift the machines forward, how to compose their parameters better, or how to solve even the most difficult technical situations. And last but not least, I also test the functionality and limits of our machines myself, so that we know what to improve next time.