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BOX 20CSP type cartoning machines are designed for group packaging of bags, cartons, bottles, etc. in a group carton. The cartons are made in the machine by gluing of carton cut pieces. The machines are controlled by a freely programmable control system with a touch-screen display. The system allows archiving of 100 programs.

The product is automatically transported to the dosing device or the dosing conveyor of the machine. A dosing device or dosing conveyor brings the product to the infeed system of the machine. The product is subsequently dosed or inserted in a carton. Simultaneously, the bottom part of the carton is folded, closed and glued in the machine. The product is dosed or placed in the carton and subsequently the carton is glued and closed. Alternatively, the machine may be equipped with carton lid application. The filled carton is removed for further processing. The machine may be equipped with an additional printing and labelling device at the outfeed conveyor. The machine has IP 54 protection.

Machine output:

20 packs/ min.

Dose size:


Piece commodities:

The machine is able to pack candy, frozen vegetables and others

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    Basic types of KAR/TRAY series machines – output parameters

    Machine typeKAR1TRAY2
    Machine outputup to 20 packages/min.up to 20 packages/min.
    Carton dimensionsIndividualIndividual
    • Marking equipment – ink-jet, laser
    • Dosing equipment – weighers, vibration dosing devices, etc.
    • Automatic packaging material dispensers
    • Adjustable magazines
    • exhaust systems
    • varnished/stainless version
    • sorting, counting systems
    • conveyor systems
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