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Casepacker BOX20 KT is an automatic machine for group packaging of various types of products in cartons. The typical products include, e.g. bags, boxes, cans, glasses, etc.

The machine allows formation of basic base carton – tray, in various modifications and dimensions.

Another option is a variable system of products grouping – e.g. 3*4, 2*6, etc. The last option is an additional section attached to the machine allowing formation and placing of a lid on assembled groups.

Machine output:

60 packs/ min.

Dose size:

up to 1 235 mm

Piece commodities:

The machine is able to pack candy, frozen vegetables and others

  • Bag types
  • Technical parameters


    Unfolded cartonMax. 1235Max. 760   
  • Accessories
    • Machine controls: control system with a touch-screen display, easy synchronization with other machines
    • Number of preselected options: 100
    • Machine drive system: servomotors, additional functions by pneumatic drives

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