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Brickpack lines CUBE 40, 80

A horizontal packaging machine of the line configuration designed for packaging of various product types into the pre-prepared paper bags. The result is represented by the filled and enclosed bags that are predominantly brick-shaped. The machine is driven electro-mechanically. The machine is equipped with the control system with optional preselection of programs, remote machine administration, additional equipment, and further functions. The machine allows for dosing of more product types into one bag and for simple exchange of various types of dosing devices. The machine is offered in the simplex and duplex version.
Machine output:
80 packs / minute

Dose size:

Bulk commodities:
machine wraps salt, coffee, sugar and other powdery products
Powder commodities:
The machine wraps ground spices, washing powder, cocoa, and more

Piece commodities:

The machine is able to pack candy, frozen vegetables and others

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