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Dosing machine for liquids RACKET DTP

RACKET DTP liquid dosing devices are designed for volume dosing of liquid and pasty substances, which may include solid ingredients. If equipped with a control system, the dosing devices may operate independently. The pneumatic drive allows achieving output of up to 40 doses per minute.

The output depends on the size of the dose, substance consistency, packaging shape and the packaging handling method. The feeder doses by means of a graduated cylinder and piston. The separation of the suction and extrusion section is secured by a mechanically controlled three-way cock in the filling head.

Machine output:

40 doses/ min.


depends on dose size

Liquid commodities:
The machine can be packaged ketchup, mustard, oil and chemical liquid.
  • Bag types
  • Accessories
    • vegetable and fruit marmalades, ketchups, purées, creams, jams
    • vegetable and mayonnaise salads, spreads
    • dairy cream products, in particular yogurts with pieces of fruit, cottage cheese spreads
    • soups, sauces, dressings
    • edible oils
    • honey, etc.
    • water soluble and inflammable paints
    • cleaning agents and compounds
    • glues
    • cosmetic agents (creams, shampoos)
    • liquid washing agents, etc.

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