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RACKET 400 SimplexRACKET 400 Simplex

Screw dosing device RACKET 400

RACKET 400 type screw dosing devices are designed for volume dosing of powder products. Depending on the type, the dosing machines may be fitted with an asynchronous motor or servomotor.

Machine control system using a touch-screen display with 100 preselected parameters. Screw dosing machines are offered as mini, standard and maxi variants.

Machine output:

90 doses/ min.

from 1000 - 2000 ccm

Powder commodities:
The machine wraps ground spices, washing powder, cocoa, and more
  • Bag types
  • Technical parameters

    Guidance chart of dose size/screw diameter

    Screw diameter(mm)Lead (mm)Dosed amount (litres/dose)
    19200,01 - 0,04
    25260,03 - 0,07
    27280,05 - 0,11
    38400,17 - 0,35
    48600,47 - 0,95
    53600,59 - 1,18
    68601,00 - 2,00


    Technical data

    Dosing outputup to 90 doses/min
    Dose precision0.5 to 5 %
    Noisemax. 80 dB
    Total weight50-450 kg according to type
    Supply voltage3 x 400 V / 50 Hz
    El. protectionIP 55
    Air pressure0,4 - 0,5 MPa
    Air consumption (only with screw end closing) at output of 60 bags/ minute and pressure 0.4 MPa approximately 0.1 m3/ hour
  • Accessories
    • closing of screw tube end prevents problems with penetration of goods into welds - closing type is selected according to tube type and the type of dosed product
    • easy screw change and hopper dismounting during cleaning
    • continuous setting of dosing screw speed
    • guaranteed precision of dosing screw positioning
    • probe securing constant level of goods in the hopper
    • stirrer securing constant loose character of goods in the hopper with gradually adjustable mixing speed from 2 to 100 rotations per minute and change of rotation direction
    • dosing screw speed within 10 to 1500 rotations per minute with the possibility of selection of rotation direction
    • maintenance-free version
    • autodiagnostics of the status of all functional features
    • setting of parameters is performed from the control panel of the machine or from a separate control panel
    • surfaces coming into contact with goods are made of stainless steel
    • all components of the machine are protected by harmless surface finishes

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