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Horizontal packaging machines designed for packaging of piece products in film bags. Continuous feed of packaging material. A chain or belt infeed conveyor with easily adjustable carriers.
Machine output:

90 packs/ min.

Dose size:

max. 210*500*120 mm

Piece commodities:

The machine is able to pack candy, frozen vegetables and others

Placing goods on the infeed conveyor manually or by automatic handling devices. According to spatial arrangement and the required output, a shorter or longer version of the infeed conveyor may be used. The outfeed conveyor is a belt conveyor and operators pick the packed goods from it.

In order to achieve the correct position of the print, the machine is provided with automatic aligning (centring) of the film using a photo-probe. The machine is provided with marking equipment. Packaging may be done without a pad or on a pad.

  • Bag types
    • Balení Flowpack subchild Balení Flowpack subchild
    • Balení Flowpack subchild 2 Balení Flowpack subchild 2
    • Balení Flowpack subchild 3 Balení Flowpack subchild 3
    • R021 R021
  • Technical parameters
    Bag dimensions - Width30 - 210 mm
    Bag dimensions - Length80 - 500 mm (900 mm)
    Bag dimensions - Height120 mm
    Packaging material - Width600 mm
    Packaging material - Disc diametermax. 350 mm
    Packaging material - Tube diameter76 mm
    Machine dimensions - Width1155 mm
    Machine dimensions - Length5150 mm
    Machine dimensions - Height1815 mm
    Weight1150 kg
  • Accessories
    • Automatic dosing devices according to the type of product,
    • printing equipment,
    • inert atmosphere,
    • spraying alcohol, etc.,
    • Euro-opening,
    • various types of cutting tools,
    • sorting, counting systems,
    • conveyor systems.

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