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CAB 220

CAB 220 outfeed conveyors are designed for transporting products or finished packaged products from the packaging machine for further processing.

    Machine output:


    Dose size:

    500*1 000 mm

    Bulk commodities:
    machine wraps salt, coffee, sugar and other powdery products

    Piece commodities:

    The machine is able to pack candy, frozen vegetables and others



      • minimum maintenance
      • food processing approved belts of various designs and of various materials
      • all components of the machine are protected by harmless surface finishes or by stainless steel design
      Conveyor belt width250 mm to 500 mm
      Transport height500 to 1000 mm
      Standard conveyor length2.200 mm (500 to 10.000 mm)
      Noiseup to 50 dB
      Basic version weightup to 50 kg
      Supply voltage3 x 400 V / 50 Hz
      Basic version power input370 VA

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