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The packaging and forming line for manufacturing bags of the “brick” type allowing for the application of, for example, a label, for repetitive opening/closing of the bags. The packaging line is a robust construction allowing for the installation of many variants of dosing facilities.

The packaging line manufactures bags from a role of heat-weldable packaging material with concurrent filling of goods and sealing of the bag. The machine is furnished with a management system allowing for pre-selecting the programmes, centering the foil, remote control of the machine, additional facilities for shaping the bags, and other functions. Package size: up to 5 litres.

Machine output:
60 packs / minute
Dose size:
up to 5 000 ccm
Bulk commodities:
machine wraps salt, coffee, sugar and other powdery products
Powder commodities:
The machine wraps ground spices, washing powder, cocoa, and more

Piece commodities:

The machine is able to pack candy, frozen vegetables and others

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