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The Big Bag station is used to empty bulk materials from large-volume bags, so-called big-bags. It consists of a structure with a suspension system for attaching a big-bag using a crane pulley and an intermediate container with a removable grid. There are several ways to empty the product - auger, vibrating or belt conveyors. To move the material to the next packaging step (dosing), the station can be equipped with a Z-shaped infeed conveyor.
Big-bag stations are manufactured in steel or stainless steel. The surface treatment of steel stations is powder firing paint or hot-dip zinc.
Standard big-bags are mostly four-point (there are also two- and one-point options) and are widely used for many loose and bulky materials. The volume of the bags is 1000 l standard.
It is advisable to include the Big Bag station in a comprehensive packaging line in situations where goods are stored and moved in Big Bags.

    Device output:

    individual requirement



      • minimal maintenance
      • approved food-grade materials
      • types of emptying: auger, vibration or belt conveyor

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