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Carton erectors are devices for production automation. The device ensures automatic erecting of the cardboard package (box, tray), bending the flaps and gluing of the bottom of the box. The boxes are stored flat, unfolded in a stacker magazine (blanks). The erected box is then moved to be filled with the product either manually or automatically (filling is not part of the machine). The next step is to close the box with flaps and with tape or hot melt by Nordson glue unit. The device can work with different sizes of cardboard boxes and trays. All functions of the line are controlled via the touch screen. The required size of the carton is set on an adjustable formatting matrix. Drives are handled by servomotors in combination with asynchronous drives and pneumatic elements for fast and smooth operation. The carton storage magazine can be adjusted in 2 axes, the adjustment is carried out by hand wheels (length, width, depth of the carton).

Machine output:
1200 boxes/hr.

Box size:
max 525 x 470 x 135 mm

    • Control system:    B&R freely programmable, touch screen
    • Machine drives:    servo drives and asynchronous drives with pneumatic drives
    • Pneu elements:    SMC
    • Dimensions:          machine frame height 2000 mm | depth 2550 mm | width 1240 mm
    • Weight:                   1890 kg
    • Work cycle:            step
    • Safety features:   main switch, Emergency Stop, safety switches
    • Sensors:                 monitoring of individual stations and functions
    • Design:                   painted steel
    • Types of packaging: boxes (paperboard - blank), tray, closed carton with tear-off tape,
                                           cardboard with a glued lid - according to the parameters of the line manufacturer
    • Carton dimensions: min. l 70 x w 70 x h 35 mm, max. l 525 x w 470 x h 135 mm
    • Performance:            up to 1200 packages/hr.
    • Others:                       free configuration creation and error reporting on the control panel
                                           freely programmable control system
                                           storage of up to 100 programs/parameters
                                           remote diagnostics and basic service and program modification via modem
                                           input, sorting and dosing conveyor for precise dosing into the system     
                                           group unit for ejecting the batch and forming the required group for insertion into cartons
                                           bag inserter and controller
                                           gantry movable gripping head (horizontal movement)
                                           carton tray – universal, adjustable in 2 axes (manual adjustment of carton length, width and depth)
                                           device for closing cartons by gluing (Nordson)
    • conveyor systems
    • marking device (date, barcode, expiration date, etc.)
    • labeling equipment
    • automatic packaging dispensers
    • adjustable trays
    • sorting and counting system

Are you interested in a carton erector BOX CE? 

Herbert Zirm
I will recommend the most suitable packaging, cartoning or bagging equipment from our production program and propose a solution according to a specific project.
Herbert Zirm - Sales representative

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