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MH series horizontal packaging machines are designed for the production of flat bags (3 or 4 seals) from a heat-sealable roll of packaging material. The machine can be used for packing small pieces, granular, light-flowing, heavy-flowing, pasty and liquid products. The machine allows packing several components into one bag.
Machine output:

SIMPLEX up to 100 bags/min.
DUPLEX up to 200 bags/min.

Dose size:
min. 70x90 mm
max. 140x200 mm
min. 50+50x90 mm
max. 70+70x200 mm

Bulk commodities:
salt, coffee, sugar and other products
Powder commodities:
ground spices, washing powder, cocoa and more
Liquid commodities:
ketchup, mustard, oil, sauces and other liquids

Piece commodities:
candies, frozen vegetables, pasta and more

Filled and closed bag or double-bag with three or four sides sealed leave the machine via a slide or an outfeed conveyor for further handling.

The machine has an electromechanical drive and step operating cycle. Machine control is performed by the control system allowing easy setting of machine parameters.

    • Sealing type:                    thermal
    • Packed products:           loose, dusty, bite-sized, liquid, pasty
    • Control:                            control panel
    • Bag types:                        flat bags/duo bags with 3 or 4 sealed sides, bag chains
    • Machine drives:              electromechanical
    • Machine cycle:                step
    • Machine surface:            varnished, stainless steel design
    • Flat 4SS Flat 4SS
    • Flat 3SS Flat 3SS
    • Flat duplex 3SS Flat duplex 3SS
    • Flat duplex 4SS Flat duplex 4SS
    • Bag dimensions SIMPLEX (width x heigth): min. 70*90 mm | max. 170*200 mm
    • Bag dimensions DUPLEX (width x heigth): min. 50+50*90 mm | max. 70+70*200 mm
    • Device dimensions (width x height x length): 1125*1895*3810 mm
    • Filled amount: SIMPLEX 5-250 cc | DUPLEX 5-90 cc
    • automatic dosing units according to product type - auger, volumetric, pumps
    • marking device
    • systems dust removal
    • easy opening
    • Euro hole punch system
    • zipper, closure applicators
    • different types of cutting blades
    • conveyor systems, incl. pick&place system to make bag groups

Are you interested in our machine MH 140 SIMPLEX | DUPLEX?

Jana Gilchrist
Are you looking for a packaging solution? We have a wide range of different packaging machinery. Contact me for more information.
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