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Series weighers RACKET DVM

RACKET DVM "mikro" series type dosing weighers are devices designed for weighing of small doses of loose and small single-piece goods. According to the type of the product and the required output, they are equipped with corresponding number of weighing streams.The stated types of weighers are usually installed with packaging machines or they may be used separately for semi-automatic dosing. Weighed dosing allows easy and quick changeover to another kind of goods and dose weight. The weighers are designed for doses 1 - 50 (100) g. The weighers are supplied in size range 1 - 24 weighing lines.

Machine output:

up to 25 doses/ min.

Dose size:

from 1 - 100 g

Powder commodities:
The machine wraps ground spices, washing powder, cocoa, and more
Bulk commodities:
machine wraps salt, coffee, sugar and other powdery products

Piece commodities:

The machine is able to pack candy, frozen vegetables and others

  • Bag types
  • Technical parameters

    Basic types of DVM series machines – output parameters

    Machine typeDVM1DVM 1-24
    Machine outputUp to 20 doses/min.Total output depending on product type
  • Accessories

    Description of basics features

    • 100 preset parameters for quick change of packaged goods
    • setting of all functions is performed from the touch-screen control panel
    • displaying actual weight in grams
    • vibration channels of stainless steel
    • strain gauge load cells
    • automatic tareing of the weigher
    • automatic control of goods level in vibration channels
    • automatic monitoring of goods level in buffer hopper

    Possible equipment

    • Vibration channels according to product type
    • Systems of closing of channels according to type of product
    • Systems for semi-automatic weighing
    • Software for weighing/counting variants
    • Software for product mixing variants

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