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Linear scales are suitable for weighing products with good flowability, such as granules, powders, etc. They have a simple construction and a modern design, utilizing a new integrated modular control system. It is possible to adjust many different parameters, offering a touch interface with language selection and the ability to adjust parameters in different countries or regions. They are easy to operate and can be tailored to various applications. The scales require a small footprint, making them easy to place, and they are equipped with high-quality sensors and the latest modular design, including an automatic amplitude setting function. They are easily adjustable, providing more stable performance and high accuracy, with the contact parts made of stainless steel. Dustproof versions are available, and they are generally suitable for use in the food industry. They are environmentally friendly, as all contact parts can be easily disassembled without the use of tools, making them ideal for daily maintenance and cleaning. The adjustment of the feeding conveyor allows for better product flow and is suitable for all types of bulk and viscous materials.
Applications: sugar, salt, seed, rice, sesame, glutamate, milk powder, coffee and seasoning powder, etc.

5Device output:
up to 30 doses/min.

Dose volume
20-2000 g

Bulk commodities:
salt, coffee, sugar and other loose products
Piece commodities:
candy,  pasta, chips, frozen vegetables and others
Powder commodities:
ground spices, flour, cosmetic powders etc.
    • Control panel: touch screen 7”
    • Working cycle: step
    • Safety features: main switch, Emergency Stop
    • Surface: stainless steel
    • Packaged products: loose, powders, granules
    • Output: up to 50 doses/min.
    • Power Requirements: 220 V | 1200 W | 50/60 HZ | 8 A
    • Options: dimple plate | timing hopper | reject device
    • Protection: IP65 waterproof and dustproof design, easy to clean and maintain
    • Weighing amount: 20-2000 g
    • Dimensions: length 1400 mm | height 1190mm | width 1200 mm 
    • Hopper volume: 3000 ml
    • Number of heads: 4
    • Weighing Accuracy: 0,2-2 g
    • Other: up to 100 preset parameters;
                   detailed production record statistics;
                   mixing different products at one discharge (max 2 products);
                   program can be freely adjusted according to production condition;
                   can be remote-controlled and maintained through internet;
                   high precision digital load cell;
                   contact parts in AISI 304;

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