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The rotary table OS is a simple terminal device for short-term collection of packaged products/goods in bags, boxes or tubes. The packages are transported to the rotating table using a conveyor from a packaging and cartoning machine or from a filling line. Thanks to the rotation of the table, the packages are spread out evenly and are thus ready for the operator for further manipulation, usually manual cartoning.
The device can be used independently or integrated into a complex packaging line. Therefore it offers a wide application.
The support structure of the table is welded from steel profiles (lacquered, stainless steel). The material is chosen depending on the customer's requirements or the place of use. The height of the table can be adjusted. The device is stable, easy to install, operate, maintain and clean. The rotation speed of the table top can be regulated.
Table diameter: 1000 mm
Table height: adjustable



      • intuitive operation
      • easy installation, maintenance and cleaning
      • regulation of table rotation and height

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    Herbert Zirm
    I will recommend the most suitable packaging, cartoning or bagging equipment from our production program and propose a solution according to a specific project.
    Herbert Zirm - Sales representative

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