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Horizontal flowpack packaging machines are designed for packing piece goods into bags made from foil. The motion of the packaging material is continuous. The feeding conveyor is belt or chain with easily adjustable carriers.
Loading goods onto the supply conveyor is done manually or by automatic loaders. Depending on the spatial arrangement and the required performance, a shorter or longer version of the supply conveyor can be used. The removal conveyor is a belt conveyor, from which the operator removes the packaged goods.
To correctly position the print, the machine is equipped with automatic alignment (centering) of the foil using a photo sensor. The machine can be equipped with a marking device. The goods can be packed with or without a pad.
Machine output:
130 packs / minute

Dose size: w 200 x l 60-600 x h 120 mm

Piece commodities
pastries, sweets, snacks, chocolate, cheese, meat, fruit and vegetables, cosmetics and more

    • Max. foil width: 400-600 mm
    • Max. speed: 130 cycles/min.
    • Max. product dimensions: w 200 mm | h 120 mm | l 60–600 mm
    • Dimensions: according to individual request
    • System: rotary sealing system, heat sealing
    • Power supply: 240 V / 400 V | 50/60 Hz
    • Compressed Air: 6 Bar
    • Working cycle: continuous
    • Drive: servo
    • Foil guide: upper
    • Bag type: flat, flat with euro hole, with folded corners, with ironed edges
    • Design: lacquered, stainless steel (according to requirements)
    • Packed product: piece
    • Included accessories: photocell, counter, SIEMENS
    • Flowpack - flat Flowpack - flat
    • Flowpack - flat + eurohole Flowpack - flat + eurohole
    • Flowpack - flat + folded corners Flowpack - flat + folded corners
    • Flowpack - flat + eurohole + folded corners Flowpack - flat + eurohole + folded corners
    • Flowpack - folded corners + ironed edges Flowpack - folded corners + ironed edges
    • Flowpack - folded corners + ironed edges + euro hole Flowpack - folded corners + ironed edges + euro hole
    • marking device
    • label applicator
    • zig-zag knife
    • euro hole
    • cooling system
    • output belt
    • no product-no bag feature and more

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Herbert Zirm
I will recommend the most suitable packaging, cartoning or bagging equipment from our production program and propose a solution according to a specific project.
Herbert Zirm - Sales representative

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