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A universal type of vertical packaging machine suitable for all types of production requirements. The machine is designed for formation of bags using a roll of thermal or impulse welded packaging material with simultaneous automatic filling of goods and closing of bags.
Machine output:

160 packs/ min.


Dose size:

up to 5000 ccm

Bulk commodities:
machine wraps salt, coffee, sugar and other powdery products
Powder commodities: 
The machine wraps ground spices, washing powder, cocoa, and more
Liquid commodities:
The machine can be packaged ketchup, mustard, oil and chemical liquid.

Piece commodities:

The machine is able to pack candy, frozen vegetables and others

  • Bag types
    • T01 T01
    • T011 T011
    • T02 T02
    • T021 T021
    • T03 T03
    • T031 T031
    • T032 T032
    • T04 T04
    • T041 T041
  • Technical parameters

    Basic types of TOBOGAN 250C C series machines – output parameters

    Machine typeTOBOGAN 250C
    Machine outputUp to 160 bags/ min

    Technical parameters

    Dose size82 - 3500 ccm (max. 8500 ccm)
    Bag width40 - 250 mm
    Bag length60 - 350 mm standard (max. 690 mm)
    Max. film roll diameter600 mm
    Tube diameter60 - 76 mm
    Film typesthermally-welded, impulse-welded
    Machine layout1800 x 1200 mm
    Height of basic machine1600 mm
    Machine weight800 kg
  • Accessories
    • dosing device - volumetric, screw, liquid,
    • weighers - linear, combined,
    • equipment for folded bottoms,
    • equipment for treatment of block-bottom bags,
    • equipment for adjustment of bags with welded sides,
    • staging bucket, screw conveyors,
    • outfeed conveyors,
    • printing equipment (dates, bar code),
    • labelling equipment,
    • bag counting,
    • sorting equipment,
    • handling turntable,
    • notching bags after x pieces,
    • equipment for making Euro-openings or round openings for hanging,
    • equipment for notching bags for easy opening of bags,
    • equipment for filling bags with inert gas,
    • equipment for exhausting excessive air in bags,
    • machine arrangement for group packaging and palletisation lines
    • Remote diagnostics and basic servicing of the machine via modem using a telephone line depending on the selected type of control system.

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