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Advanced technical solution for the production of brick bags. The use of quality materials and reliable components as standard, moreover, in combination with efficiency and simplicity of operation of the packaging machine, it represents an ideal solution. An attractive look of final bags, robust construction and the possibility of equipping the line with a wide range of optional accessories is the right choice.
Packaging and forming line for creating "block" or "brick" bags with the possibility of applying a label for reopening/closing the bags. The packaging line has possibility of installing many types of dosing devices, produces bags from a roll of heat-sealable packing material with simultaneous filling of goods and closing bags. The machine is equipped with a control system with the possibility of program preselection, foil centering, remote machine management, additional equipment for bag forming and other functions. Package size up to 5 litres.

Machine output:
60 packs/minute

Dose volume:
up to 5 000 ccm

Loose commodities:
coffee, sugar, salt, spices and other loose products

Powder commodities:
ground spices, cocoa and more

Piece commodities:
legumes, rice, beans and other

    • Control system:               B&R programmable, touch screen
    • Machine cycle:                 discontinuous
    • Safety features:               main switch, Emergency Stop, end switches on the door
    • Sensors:                             foil end, foil centering, printing mark 
    • Surface:                             varnished steel, stainless steel
    • Machine drives:               decentralized, electromechanical, combined with pneumatic
    • Sealing type:                     heat (PP) / (OPP etc.)
    • Packed products:            loose (difficult-flowing, dusty), small pieces, liquids
    • Types of bags:                  brick bag, with folded bottom, with sticker for reopening
    • Brickpack Brickpack
    • Brickpack + sticker Brickpack + sticker
    • Bag width:                     35-250 mm, with the possibility of changing to other formats
    • Bag length:                    60-350 mm standard (max. 690 mm)
    • Dose volume:                up to 5000 ccm
    • Foil roll diameter:        max 450 mm
    • Foil core diameter:      60-76 mm
    • Foil width:                     max 540 mm
    • Dimensions:                  machine frame height 1900 mm / depth 2060 mm / width 3740 mm 
    • Weight:                          1800 kg
    • Mechanical output:     up to 100 bags/min.
    • Output with dosing:    depending on product type, packing material and packed amount
    • dosing equipment: volumetric, auger, liquid pumps, linear weighers, multihead weighers
    • conveyors: feeding, belt, screw, exit
    • bags: folded bottom, sealed edges, brick style with a sticker for reopening
    • marking device (date, bar code, expiry date, etc.)
    • labelling equipment
    • bags counter
    • checkweighers
    • metal detectors
    • device for filling bags with inert gas
    • device for extracting excess air from bags
    • inclusion of the machine in a complete line of group packaging and palletising

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