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The TOBOGAN 250 STICK automatic packaging line is equipment designed for automatic processing of savoury sticks or similar goods in bags.
Machine output:
35 doses/minute

Dose size:
400 g

Piece commodities:
salty sticks, breadsticks or similar goods

The automatic machine collects the sticks from an oven conveyor line, straightens the sticks, weighs them and packs them in bags. The line may be used between a standard travelling oven and any horizontal or vertical packaging machine for dosing and packaging in bags, various bowls, or cups. Lines for packaging of sticks are custom-made according to the client's request.

Solution variants

TOBOGAN 250 STICK – automatic version with a line weigher with the possibility of dosing into:

  • Vertical packaging machine
  • Horizontal packaging machine
  • Thermoforming or traysealer type machines
  • Cartoning machines
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    Basic type of the line*ADT1ADT2-1ADT2-2BHV/BHH+ combination weigher
    Line output **20 doses / min.25 doses / min.35 doses / min.Up to 80 doses / min.
    Length range of sticks100 to 150 mm100 to 150 mm
    Range of dosage size50 to 400 g100 g
    Single dose volumemax. 160 mlmax. 160 ml
    Noise DT 180 to 85 dB80 to 85 dB
    Machine weight750 to 1 500 kg1 500 kg
    Supply voltage3 x 400 V / 50 Hz3 x 400 V / 50 Hz
    Power input2000 to 3.500 VAto 8.500 VA
    Air pressure0,4 - 0,6 MPa0,4 - 0,6 MPa

    Air consumption at air pressure 0.4 MPa

    and output of 20 doses per minute

    5 m3 / hour.Up to 15 m3 / hour.

    *Lines are custom-made according to requirements.

    **Packaging output depends on the type and amount of dosed product

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