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The working platform with steps and railings is suitable for placing and fixing the dosing device (multihead weighers) above a packaging machine. At the same time for maintenance, cleaning and adjustment, or repairs of multihead weighers. It is designed to provide direct access to the dosing weighers and facilitate working with the device. The platform is firm, stable, variable and durable and easy to clean.
The platform is made of steel or stainless steel depending on customer requirements or the place of use. It meets the safety criteria: the floor and steps of the stairs are secured with anti-slip treatment and the platform is equipped with a handrail.



      • minimal maintenance
      • materias: stainless steel or steel
      • safety measures: railings, anti-slippery surface

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    Herbert Zirm
    I will recommend the most suitable packaging, cartoning or bagging equipment from our production program and propose a solution according to a specific project.
    Herbert Zirm - Sales representative

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