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X-ray inspection machines meet the most demanding requirements for hygiene and easy device operation. They are intended for packaged industrially processed foods, ready meals and small packaged goods. They are almost maintenance-free and made for continuous food operation. They detect foreign objects in food that pose a potential risk to consumers, for example all metals (stainless steel, ferrous and non-ferrous metals), bones, glass, stone, hard plastics and the like. They are particularly powerful when checking products wrapped in aluminum foil or heavily plated plastic packaging and overcome the problems of metal detectors with ferrous metals in the foils. They are produced in various types of design, performance and dimensions, according to product requirements and customer needs. We always choose the most suitable type according to the specification.
Belt speed
až 60 m/min.
Powder commodities:
ground spices, washing powder, cocoa, and more
Powder commodities:
ground spices, washing powder, cocoa, and more
Powder commodities:
ground spices, washing powder, cocoa, and more
Powder commodities:
ground spices, washing powder, cocoa, and more
    • hygienic design corresponding to the highest food requirements
    • the device meets all requirements for maximum food and operator safety
    • all moving parts of the machine are on end-switches
    • simple cleaning
    • intuitive and easy operation with a color touch display
    • almost maintenance-free design (only air conditioning air filter cleaning required)
    • maximum sensitivity to contaminants such as iron, stainless steel, all other metals, glass, stone, ceramics, hard plastics
    • possibility of using weighing software (determination of product weight based on product density)
    • the possibility of counting pieces in a package (for example, the number of chocolates in a box of chocolates, etc.)
    • detection of piece goods and bulk goods
    • the type of disposal used varies according to the application and the goods used. In standard, the relay output is on ext. elimination
    • integration into a packaging or filling line
    Note: the above properties are examples only, they differ according to the type offered

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Herbert Zirm
I will recommend the most suitable packaging, cartoning or bagging equipment from our production program and propose a solution according to a specific project.
Herbert Zirm - Sales representative

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