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NOMATECH has developed an innovative machine for inserting products into cardboard packages, which represents a major advance in the field of robotic cartoning. The BOX ROBO GROUP cartoner changes the way products are grouped and assembled, bringing high efficiency and flexibility in packaging processes.

BOX ROBO GROUP is a compact cartoning system that offers state-of-the-art technology and automation, providing an optimal solution for packing and cartoning products. It is designed to ensure accuracy, increase performance and flexibility in production in many industries.

5 key features of the device:
Robotic precision:
 has modern robotic technology for fast and accurate packaging of products in cartons.
Universal flexibility: can work with different types and sizes of cardboard packaging and a wide range of products.
Production optimization: increases the efficiency of production processes and minimizes the time required for packaging.
Automation of operation: provides a fully automated cartoning solution without the need for operator intervention, thereby minimizing errors and ensuring reliable operation.
Simple operation: offers a user-friendly interface that allows easy operation and at the same time quick adaptation to changing needs.

The new BOX ROBO GROUP robotic cartoning machine is the ideal choice for those looking for a solution to increase productivity, automate production, and be flexible with the use of modern technology.


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