Upravit stránku

Food products

  • Dusty products – flower, sugar, instant drinks, ground spices, gypsum, cement, custard powder, dried cream, ground coffee, ground bread – breadcrumbs, cocoa, baking additives,
  • Loose materials – nuts, sugar, salt, pasta, dried fruits, dried vegetables, spices, sweets, confectionery, gelatine products, frozen fruits and vegetables, frozen filled pasta, meat cubes, instant drinks, muesli, chips, baked corn snacks, coffee, pellets, pet food, grain, grass seeds, legumes,
  • Piece products – savoury bars, muesli bars, bakery products - ginger bread, biscuits, dumplings
  • Liquid products – ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard,

Chemical products

  • washing powders, soap, gels, grease, cleaning agents

Other products

  • magazines, toys, connecting material (screws, nuts, etc.),

Special products

  • explosive products

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