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CAB 200S

CAB 200S feeding conveyors are designed for transporting loose and dusty goods to packaging machines. They may be used separately in the food processing, chemical, plastic processing, pharmaceutical and other industries.

    Machine output:

    200 liters/ min.

    Dose size:

    up to 500 liters

    Powder commodities:
    Ground spices, washing powder, cocoa, and more


      • full-stainless version
      • synchronization of operation with a dosing machine monitoring level in technological hoppers of linked machinery
      • hopper with mixing system
      • construction is protected by harmless surface finishes
      • lubrication fillings for whole service life
      Hopper volume (lit.)170500
      Output (lit./min.)4080-120
      Dimensions (transporting height, conveyor diameter)Individual according to assignment

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