Upravit stránku

Above all, we prevent malfunctions...

While designing the line, we use experience from many previous implementations to avoid future problems. And even in situations that you would say will only happen to you. We'd almost bet that we've already dealt with a similar experience. We have a lot to draw from.

When we say we use only premium components, it's not just a sales pitch. It's a must in a situation where we care about excellent warranty service, and an advantage wherever references are the best advertisement. We are also thinking about making sure that the necessary parts for our lines abroad are available on the local market.

Our devices monitor themselves and communicate with each other about possible errors. The entire process is monitored by various sensors and the operator sees all the necessary information on the touch screen. If any of the sensors detects a non-standard situation, it will be displayed on the device diagram with a description. In addition, a warning light flashes and when the situation requires it, the line stops to prevent further damage.

… or we will solve them very quickly

Thanks to the modem and remote access, we are able to solve most situations remotely. We diagnose our packaging machines, assist operators in solving problems in real time, update software, or perhaps help set up the machine to pack a new product.

If that doesn't help either, our technician is at your place within 48, but more often within 24 hours. We know you'll appreciate it and be happy to get back to work.

And how do we manage abroad? Well. For example, even in the heavily tested Ukraine, our packaging lines work and have full service control.


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